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How Women Dominate Social Media (Infographic)



This infographic from Finances Online is great. Not exactly telling me anything I didn’t already know, but it’s cool to see the actual stats on it.

Women dominate online. We kind of rule at this whole communicating via the internet thing.

What? Women like communicating? SHOCKER!


Your New Favourite Twitter Account

drawn your tweet carrots

This is how you do Twitter. Hands down.

When I followed @drawnyourtweet yesterday morning they were at around 2500 followers, now, as I write this he or she is up to 11.6k!

Everyone wants their tweet drawn. I am no exception (unfortunately they do not take requests)! It plays into our deep desire to be recognized by a stranger, and takes it even further by making something we wrote most likely in about two seconds without a further thought, into art. Brilliant.

Also, the art itself is super cute. This person could make serious money if he started taking requests/making it into a business. I’d request a drawing of Mr. Bojangles. It’s a genius marketing strategy for an artist – similar to Chris Piascik’s Daily Drawings.

Go follow the account, and check out a few of my favourite drawn tweets below.

drawn your tweet olympics


drawn your tweet dinosaur


drawn your tweet milk


drawn your tweet grumpy


drawn your tweet tomato


drawn your tweet granny


Today’s Quote – Jack White on Twitter

jack white hump day quote about twitter comedians conan obrien reggie watts

I think the only people who should have Twitter accounts are comedians. Because it’s all about one-liners. I would love it if Conan O’Brien or Reggie Watts or Stephen Colbert were to walk into a room and tell me one joke and leave. But you don’t want Gore Vidal telling you ‘I’m doing my dishes right now’.


TGIF: New Years Eve Edition

Hello friends! New Years Eve is tomorrow, and if you want to avoid the typical godawful New Years party as described above, I suggest hitting up the El Mocambo or Silver Dollar  – great bands, no guidos, no dubstep, normal priced drinks (and free Steamwhistle at midnight Elmo), low cover, lots of good rock music – that’s the way to ring in 2012.

Last year I spent my New Years at the Garrison doing exactly what the above mock poster says – spending too much to get into a packed dance club, waiting in long lines to get a drink/use a bathroom, and being unable to talk to any of my friends over the incredibly lame music (it was a ‘best music from every decade’ dance party which sounded cool but the DJ had a terrible idea of what the “best” music was from every decade so it was just embarrassing). I refuse to ever do that ever again.

Whatever you do, don’t be stupid – be safe, stay close to your friends, do not drive (!!!) as the TTC should be open all night for free as per usual so use it – and lets make 2012 the best year yet. We are another year closer to Rob Ford being out of office, that is something to celebrate if you ask me.

  • How To Prevent Seasonal Mood Disorder Winter is here – every time I look outside my window I see gray and it makes the SAD kick in pretty heavy, so these are good tips. I’m probably going to invest in the lamp. I fucking loathe winter with every fiber of my being, but at least December was mild so we only have 2.5 months of brutal shit to endure. Toronto feels like the north pole outside today. Boo.
  • Exclusive Interview with Facebook Leadership: Mark Zuckerberg, CEO/Co-Founder and Sheryl Sandberg, COO This is great, they both provide a lot of insight into the direction the tech/social media world is headed and the skills we should be learning now.
  • And finally, if you do any online shopping (It’s the only way to shop if you ask me) you will love this video:


TGIF: Springsteen at SXSW, Gaga’s New Vid and Grammy Noms

Friday links are ready!

  • Watch: Lady Gaga’s “Marry The Night” New Gaga vid, it’s 14 mins long and she directed it. What do you think? I generally can’t handle the whole attempt at being Michael Jackson she does with these “short film” videos, but I respect the effort she puts into her work.
  • R.I.P. Napster – Really, Napster died a looong time ago when they were first taken to court. So it’s been a long time coming.
  • Freakshow Project – art rarely surprises me anymore, but this did. Super cool.
  • And this video made me cry, a lot.