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Giveaway – Tickets To The Music Of Queen


Any Queen fans around here? That’s what I thought.

There is a symphonic production coming to the Sony Centre on Wednesday November 25th spotlighting the music of Queen, and I have a pair of tickets to give to one of you.

I have always been a fan of blending different mediums together to make them more accessible to various tastes. This is another example of doing just that.

If you would like to see some talented musicians perform the epic songs of Queen with the symphony, all you have to do is email me at with the subject line ‘Queen Ticket Giveaway.’

You can also get a bonus entry by following me on Instagram and hearting the photo about this giveaway once it’s posted.

One winner will win two tickets to the Toronto performance at Sony Centre on November 25th, and will be contacted via email by Monday November 23rd at 5pm.

Good luck!


Amex and Live Nation Have Come Together Again

Amex Live Nation Partnership

You guys already know how much I love Amex for all their entertainment based perks. They are the one company that seems to focus squarely on the kind of person I prefer to surround myself with and write for: culture and entertainment nerds.

While other credit card companies might give you the basic travel insurance perk, Amex goes above and beyond, especially when it comes to those of us who love the nightlife and live music.

I’ve told you about their Front of the Line partnership with Live Nation before as part of the overarching Amex Invites program, and, I’m happy to reveal that the deal has been renewed, and this time it’s even bigger and better.

For 26 years, they’ve partnered with some of our favourite entertainment providers to bring exclusive access to their Cardmembers, and in recent years, Canada’s largest concert tours (from Van Morrison to Nick Jonas) have had almost 50 percent of ticket sales sold through FOTL presales. Yes, that means if you want good seats to the big shows, you should probably have an Amex card in your wallet.

The best part of course, is that these perks aren’t just reserved for those big spenders with the Platinum cards – any Amex Card will give you access.

Every Front of the Line experience I’ve ever had has been above and beyond – the real VIP treatment – no matter if I was seeing Kelly Clarkson at the Amphitheatre or Daniel Lanois at Massey Hall for Luminato.

With the new deal, advance ticket access will more than double, meaning there will be over 600 events Cardmembers can snatch up the best seats in the house to in the coming year.

And don’t worry, they’ve also renewed their deal to be the official sponsor at Molson Canadian Amphitheatre, so Cardmembers still get to skip the line and hang out in that awesome lounge before the show.

To learn more about the partnership and upcoming shows, check out Amex’s official press release.

This post was sponsored by Amex Canada, but all opinions are my own! Lisa

Giveaway – See Lena Dunham at JFL42

Lena Dunham JFL42

By now you all definitely know I am obsessed with Lena Dunham – she is younger than me and she’s already achieved every dream I’ve ever had for my life. I adore her talent, her persistence, her self confidence, the hard work she put in to get where she is, and the way she is changing the worlds perception of what beauty is.

Her first book, a collection of essays titled Not That Kind Of Girl comes out September 30th, and to promote it she’s going on a book tour.

Her Toronto stop will coincide with the upcoming, highly recommended, hilarious comedy festival JFL42.

On September 20th at the Sony Centre she will be interviewed by Jian Ghomeshi, give a reading from the book, and open it up for what is likely to be a fascinating audience Q&A. I am BEYOND excited for this.

Lucky for you, if you want to be there too, you can enter to win one of five pairs of passes to see her courtesy of my friends at JFL42. Follow them on Twitter @JFL42 and find them on Facebook as well.

To win, you must be a subscriber to the weekly post recap newsletter. If you are already a subscriber, just leave a comment below using the email you used to subscribe, so I know you want your name thrown in the hat.

If you’re new, just enter your email into the form below and after you hit the confirmation email you will be entered.

Subscribe here to enter the giveaway:

If you want a bonus entry, Facebook fans can, as usual, like/comment or share my page’s status about this giveaway on Facebook.

Followers can retweet my tweet about this giveaway on Twitter.

And Insta followers can like my photo on Instagram about this giveaway once it’s posted.

You have until September 16th at midnight to enter – winners will be contacted via the email they used to subscribe the next day.



Lindi Ortega – Lived and Died Alone

song of the week!

Last night I had the true pleasure of seeing this lovely lady live for the first time. Sad to admit she’s one of those names I had always heard but never paid attention to, placing her in the ‘probably too CanRock for me’ category just by way of associated acts. The Rootstock show I was reviewing last night only reaffirmed that unfair categorization, placing her in between Steven Page, formerly of Barenaked Ladies fame, and Alan Doyle of Great Big Sea (someone I would normally avoid ever seeing).

Of course, as soon as she opened her mouth to start singing, I realized how far off I was. I was immediately blown away by the sheer tone and beauty of her voice. The most famous pop stars of today only wish they had a vocal as captivating and original as hers.

Making the night even better was how she described her songwriting process, and how she came to write the beautiful songs she sang. This one particularly struck a chord with me as I tried to hold back tears, making it the perfect choice for song of the week.

Give it a listen:


Nokia Music Now Available In Canada + I No Longer Think The Killers Suck Live

nokia music canada lumia 520 review jbl wireless speakers tech music blog the killers toronto acc annoucement

I recently had the chance to attend a Nokia Canada announcement event at Air Canada Club alongside a handful of other Toronto music + culture bloggers. The invite wasn’t clear on what the event was for – just that they would be making an announcement, Alan Cross was a guest speaker, and we were invited to stay for The Killers show happening a little later in the evening.

I’ll never turn down a free concert – yes, even a free Killers concert.

Surprise, surprise, I am eating my words from last fall where I talked about how horrid The Killers are live. Yes, when I saw them WAY back in 2004 they were indeed horrible. But almost a decade later, they have learned from all that bad press and found their groove. Thank god. Playing to a stadium sounding the way they did in 2004 – charging what they now charge – would be a joke.

There’s something to be said about road experience. They have it now, along with a huge budget to back it up (and maybe ensure the auto-tuning that happens on the album is in place during the show, so Brandon’s vocals actually hold up).

Beyond the fact that vocally, he sounded worlds better than what I remembered, his stage presence was off the charts. No longer was he just singing songs and not looking at the audience, acting too cool for anyone. No, he was the picture of a leading man – introducing every song, interacting with the audience, building the energy up, running around the stage, having fun with the band – he was in complete control. It was like I was looking at a completely different performer – there really is no comparison with the brooding Vegas douche who needed vocal lessons that I witnessed during the Hot Fuss tour.

They also smartly stuck to the hits – meaning it was still a Hot Fuss heavy set, which made it extra nostalgic and enjoyable for me, since I tuned out after that album.

Anyhow – back to my original reason for being there.

As it were, the event was to announce the release of Nokia Music in Canada.

The speakers for the evening were delayed because the Killers decided to soundcheck at the exact same time the event was scheduled – I’ve never seen a band soundcheck a huge empty venue before (or watched a show from the ACC Club box seats), so that was actually kinda neat.

When it did begin, Alan Cross told us about the future of mobile music, and how Nokia Music has done what (in my opinion) Apple should have done a long time ago, and is offering up free access to their massive music collection with the purchase of any of their Windows smartphones.

I wondered what the catch was, because free music services always seem to  have a catch – but the only catch is that you have to buy the phone. As it should be.

Of course, they do need to make money to pay the artists, so if you want to avoid the 6 song skip limit I grudgingly endure with Songza on my Android, you can subscribe for unlimited skips. Definitely worth it.

They gave all the bloggers at the event a Nokia Lumia 520 to take home so we could personally try out Nokia Music – along with an amazing wireless speaker from JBL, Monster earbuds, and a one year subscription to Nokia Music.

I have made it no secret that I do not enjoy Windows 8 and its weird unnecessary app start screen in place of the start button – so I was skeptical about a Windows smartphone to say the least – but after playing with it for a couple weeks I can officially say it’s a solid (and very affordable!) smartphone.

For one – it looks 100x prettier than both the Android, iPhone and Blackberry (all of which I have owned at one point). The way it lets you personalize the screen is, for me, the most attractive of all the smartphones by far. The way that Windows 8 fails as a desktop, it wins as a smartphone. It makes perfect sense to have an attractive app home screen on your phone.

Nokia Music is amazing, because not only can you listen to all the music you want – it will take a look at your personal music collection and recommend artists for you to listen to.

You can also make custom mixes from your favourite artists. I made a ‘Broken Social Scene, Elliott Smith, Nirvana’ mix that purely played only songs I love – something that doesn’t happen so much on my other music apps.

The BEST part? You can download mixes right onto your phone so you don’t need a data connection to listen. Do I need to repeat that? The worst part about Songza is that it cuts out in the subway when my data connection cuts off, leaving me music free.

There’s no need to worry about such a situation happening with Nokia Music. This is particularly awesome for me as it means I can listen to my mixes when I take Mr Bojangles on walks, even though I haven’t switched my phone service over.

The Windows phone definitely wins against my Android in terms of music performance, beauty/simplicity of the layout and homescreen, and touchscreen ability (you can use it with GLOVES ON).

But, I am hesitant to switch over until they acquire an Instagram app. That is the whole reason I got an Android in the first place. They already have all the other necessary apps – Instagram is the only one I would legitimately miss out on. But this is the first incarnation of the Windows smartphone so there is a lot of room for improvement on all the apps.

I can’t wait to see where Nokia and Windows go with these new smartphones. I can definitely see myself switching over soon enough. The music alone is  a good enough reason.

Have you tried Nokia Music? Would you consider switching over?