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The History of Listening from Vinyl to Digital (Infographic)

vinyl to digital infographic

If you were curious, this infographic from YTD has some interesting stats on the history of recorded music.

The record player is only 84 years old! People actually paid $1000 for CD players back in the day! These random facts might help you win a music trivia contest in the future.

Also, I really, really want to try out those Muzic headphones.


Here’s Every States Favourite Band (Infographic)

every state's favourite band

The website Music Machinery performed this study on how location can affect music taste. The map above shows the interesting results (click to make it larger).

Someone should do this for Canada. Our provinces are so huge it’s hard to imagine any one artist that could define the taste of the entire population, except for maybe Alberta in the same way that it was no surprise George Strait took Texas (though I was rooting for Willie Nelson) and Bruce took New Jersey.


How Women Dominate Social Media (Infographic)



This infographic from Finances Online is great. Not exactly telling me anything I didn’t already know, but it’s cool to see the actual stats on it.

Women dominate online. We kind of rule at this whole communicating via the internet thing.

What? Women like communicating? SHOCKER!


Why Can’t Toronto Have A Mayor As Cool As Jon Gnarr?

iceland mayor


But seriously, this guy rules. Just another verification that Iceland is one of the best places on the planet. One day I will get there!

How is Toronto stuck with Rob Ford – the butt of every joke for comedians around the world – when other cool cities get someone this amazing? If by some dreadful twist of events, Robby wins another term, I might have to move to Reykjavik. Amazing music, scenic city, cool mayor. What more could you ask for? Sadly he is leaving office in the spring, but I have a feeling his replacement will be just as awesome.


What’s The Deal With Your Handwriting? (Infographic)

handwriting infographic

This may seem kind of random, and it’s so rare that I actually write anything down on paper anymore that I could barely remember what my actual handwriting looks like, but I love learning about stuff like this.

Remember when you were a kid and your school would give you a flier of books you could order (or did that only happen at my school)? Well, I ordered a handwriting analysis book from it. I guess my parents were just so happy to see me wanting to buy a book that they didn’t care what kind of book it was. I have very,very few things from my childhood anymore (I hate clutter and live in a tiny apartment so I dump things I don’t use regularly) but I STILL have that book. Because I still find it interesting.

I’ve always been fascinated by the idea that the most random things – handwriting, the day you were born (astrology) – could tell you so much about yourself. I realize many people find this kind of stuff goofy, but maybe you read through the infographic above and found a lot of it actually made sense? Any time I have an opportunity to potentially learn more about myself I take it.

I’m right handed and my handwriting has always been atrociously sloppy and slanted. I used to read that book and try to change my writing to be prettier because the pretty writing was always attributed with more positive qualities. It never worked. You can’t change your writing just like you cant change the day you were born or who your parents are.

Of course, you can see an example of my handwriting right below this post.

Analyze me.