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Google Street View now in Toronto

google street view toronto

So, I remember when street view was released in the States, and I remember being quite annoyed that we didn’t have it in Canada as my American friends would link me to their humble abodes. It took long enough but it is finally here. Apparently concerns with privacy led to the continued delay of releasing it, and I can understand that to a point but, considering it has been up and running in tons of other major cities without much issue, it seemed a bit ridiculous to me. And hey if you do find anything that breaches privacy you can always easily report it by clicking the “report a problem” link on the bottom left of any image.

As of right now it is not all over Canada, and I wonder if it ever will be considering eighty percent of this country is vast nothingness. I have a sneaking suspicion that the upcoming Vancouver Olympics are a large reason why Canada has finally been included in the action, considering Tourism BC and the City of Vancouver are listed as partners. Heritage Toronto is also listed, so you can go here to explore some famous parts of the Big Smoke.