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TGIF – TURF Lineup, Constantines and Creationists

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TGIF is coming to you on Saturday instead of Friday because some big news landed in my inbox Friday and I had to reconfigure the post to include it!

The first being the AMAZING announcement of the first wave of artists for Toronto Urban Roots Festival  - aka how I spend my birthday every year. Neutral Milk Hotel at a festival is basically the best.thing.ever. I just saw them at Kool Haus a few weeks ago and, while it wasn’t quite as perfect as the first time I saw Jeff Mangum sing these songs in a church, it was still my musical crack. Them + summer music festival = two of my favourite things together.

PLUS, Violent Femmes! Andrew Bird! JENNY LEWIS! Sam Roberts. Steve Earle. Born Ruffians. Hollerado. Gogol Bordello. Local Natives. The Strumbellas. Devin Cuddy. And it’s only gonna get even better with the next announcement. I am pumped.

Oh also, I answered some Q’s for FS Local this week, read this to find out more about my favourite Toronto places.

Now, for the links:


My Victoria Trip + Rock The Shores


Thanks to the lovely people at Matchstick and my favourite brand of whisky, Canadian Club, I was flown out to BC in July to shoot a video at Rock The Shores (see it below!). Yes, the wish I wrote on the contact section of my About page, half jokingly stating my dream of being sent around the world to cover music festivals, actually (briefly) came true.

They approached me a month earlier, with an option of going to either BC or PEI for the music festivals happening in these locations, and while I’d never been to either province (most of my travel time has been spent in the States) the lineup at Rock The Shores was stronger, and it’s much easier for me to get to PEI than to BC – so it was a fairly obvious choice.


It had literally been over 5 years since I’d last been on a plane, and that last time was my first flight ever, so I was nervous but excited to finally be flying again. If I wasn’t saddled with student loans, I would travel constantly. All I remembered about flying was how much I enjoyed being able to see the world from that height – to see the real life version of the map take shape right before my eyes, and see the clouds up close. And that, surprisingly enough, I didn’t find it scary at all. This time around, the view was even better because flying into BC is incredibly beautiful – the mountains and the ocean make for a scenic landing.

Unfortunately, it seems my sinuses have become an issue since that last time, because I endured something horribly hellish, called aerosinusitis, when the plane landed. Look it up. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. Luckily it was only so painful that it brought me to tears on the way BACK to Toronto, so my stay in Victoria wasn’t ruined. I am slightly terrified of flying again because the pain was so crushing it hurt to even BLINK for a day after landing.


When I arrived in Victoria, we went straight to the Delta Victoria Ocean Pointe Hotel. As you can imagine, it was the nicest hotel I’ve ever been to in my life. Canadian Club also had a package full of the mixed and ready drinks and beach necessities waiting for us. FYI, you can win one of these Canadian Club beach kits through their Facebook page. Upon arriving we also met fellow blogger Randa, of The Unprecedented. Hanging out with her, along with her friend Jordan, was a true highlight of the entire trip.


To get the chance to stay right on the ocean, and wake up to this sight every morning, is something I’ll never forget. I am a water person by nature (water signs ftw) so this is my paradise. I have to thank Tourism Victoria for upgrading me to one of the rooms with a view, and for providing me with attraction passes to experience the city. As we were only there for under 3 days we didn’t get to do too much, but the Zipline experience through the mountains and forest was one of the most unforgettable experiences of my life. I almost backed out after the test line, but there was an 8 year old boy doing it fearlessly, so the shame factor was too high. Now I want to try every ‘extreme’ activity I can. Just like with tattoos, the adrenaline rush is addicting.


Victoria itself feels like a rather small city, but it remains charming and interesting – something small-town Ontario just is not. It is so gorgeous there that you would be foolish to stay inside any more than necessary. It’s also the most walkable city I’ve ever been to. Walking around the harbor is quick and incredibly beautiful – but if you want to take a boat taxi to get somewhere super quick (or just to enjoy a boat for a few minutes) you can do that too for 5$.

The buildings are beautifully designed and carry the charm that comes from being one of the oldest cities in Canada. When comparing to other cities I’ve been to, it reminded me most of New Orleans in terms of architecture, size, and friendliness of the locals (they are quite different cities in most other ways, though, heh).


I will be quick to note that I think Ontario is a beautiful province. We have all kinds of natural beauty here, including one of the wonders of the world, but BC wins overall, because – look at that park. It was like a mini paradise within the city. Add in the ocean, mountains, and the insane variety of trees – and our lakes and maples just don’t quite reach this level.


Now for the reason I was sent there in the first place, to attend their big music festival, Rock The Shores, and finally, FINALLY, see Weezer live.


As someone who’s been to festivals in Toronto, Tennessee and Montreal, I was curious to see how they treat media out there. The nice thing about this festival was that they treated media (almost) the same as anyone working the festival + the performers. We got to hang out backstage and drink – which is unlike ANY media experience I’ve had at any other festival. HUGE points, to say the least. And it wasn’t even just shitty beers – they had my beloved Canadian Club Rye & Coke/Gingers, as well as a variety of cider, wine and beers! Um, as someone who’s been paying up to ELEVEN dollars to have a drink at a festival (looking at you, Edgefest……) this was joyous.

Sadly though, they didn’t treat media so great when it came time to see the actual bands. Having just come from TURF where media were given VIP access and could therefore stay in the pit the entire day to really experience the show, it was fucking shitty to only be allowed in the pit for 3 songs. I know this is industry standard – fair enough – but their rules were very, very unclear and it made the festival look incredibly unprofessional.

Randa had attended the first day (we skipped out to spend a day seeing the city) and she was allowed to sit in the pit divide for the whole show – so we went there expecting that again, but instead when we tried to come back in they sent us out of the entire backstage/pit area and made us walk all the way around the ENTIRE over-packed RTS grounds in order to get backstage again. Sometimes security guards are just bullies. One, upon looking at my Ontario ID, even said “Onterrible.” I know Ontario and BC have a NYC/LA style rivalry, but I wasn’t expecting that.

So basically we caught the first 3 songs of each band and then had to sit backstage and listen, unable to see anything, if we wanted to keep drinking without waiting in line for hours and paying 11$.


We got there just in time for Awolnation, a band I had been curious about because “Sail” is such a fantastic song, but didn’t know what to expect beyond that. It’s fair to say I was shocked when a long haired skinny blonde California surfer dude type came out onstage. I was definitely expecting someone more like Cee Lo Green. It’s also fair to say “Sail” itself is a misleading song, definitely not representative of the rest of their work. After seeing this show and listening to the album, it stands alone as the only song I care to listen to.


This was also my first time seeing Mother Mother, and while the lead singer’s goofy look was enough to turn me off at first, the sheer talent they possess as a group, and the insane love the crowd had for them, easily pulled me in. This is a local band that has had national success, so they go crazy for them out there. Seeing them here in Toronto at Edgefest was disappointing by comparison, not because they weren’t giving it their all, but because the crowd was so different/boring.


I’ve seen Sam Roberts a handful of times now, and he always gives a great, high energy, entertaining show. There’s really not much more I can say about him. I think he is a definitive CanRock artist, and it was interesting to see an Aussie we were hanging with watch him perform, because it gave me such a reminder about how specific this sound is to Canadians. It’s rare a sound like Sam’s will ever break out of Canada, because it is so authentically Canadian.


Last but not least, was the main reason I was excited for this trip. Like probably all of you, I’ve been a Weezer fan since I was a little kid hearing my friends older brothers obsessively play the Blue Album. Along with Green Day’s Dookie, it was my first favourite album. This helps wipe away the shame that, just years later, I became a preteen, and therefore became obsessed with the Backstreet Boys and every other boy band except N’sync. At least I started with relatively good taste, right?

Anyhow, the ongoing joke that Weezer shit the bed after Pinkerton is one I embraced fully, because, give or take an album’s worth of songs, it’s kinda true. That meant I stopped paying attention to them in high school, and have never made the effort to see them live, for fear of hearing a full set of songs from Raditude or Hurley.  So, when I got this chance to see them, I was happy to embrace the childhood nostalgia and finally see how they are live, headlining a festival. Especially when I heard that they would be playing the Blue Album in full in Toronto the night before. They had to be doing it in Victoria too, right?!

Well, not quite. But, they certainly did play a ton of Blue songs, and surprisingly, Rivers was in a great mood, and it was the perfect way to end the night. At this point we were happy to give up our free drink access to be able to see the entire set.

Finally, the real reason I was there, was to shoot a video of my experience, so check it out!


Giveaway – Tickets to Grove Music Festival

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Another great festival giveaway for you! This one is happening this weekend, and sadly I’m going to be missing it, but only because I’ll be in Montreal for Osheaga!

Thanks to Canadian Club and the Mixed and Ready team (who recently sent me to Victoria BC for Rock The Shores Festival – video to come next week!) I have 4 pairs of passes to giveaway to this festival.

To enter, just follow me on Twitter and tweet “Hey @lisa_TTRO I want to win tickets to @TheGroveFest at Fort York! ” Click here to tweet it. Only one tweet allowed per person. I will Direct Message the winners on Wednesday July 31st.

Facebook fans can also get a second entry by liking my status about this contest.

If you want a chance at VIP tickets/transportation/hotel, you can also enter at the Canadian Club Facebook page.


Giveaway – Riot Fest Weekend Passes

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As we all know, this has been an amazing year for music festivals in Toronto, and they all seem to be happening at Fort York?! I don’t care where it happens, I’m just happy it’s finally happening.

Well, the fun certainly isn’t over yet. Another amazing festival is coming to Fort York, and it promises to end summer off with a bang. Riot Fest and it’s Travelling Exposition are returning to Toronto, and I couldn’t be more pumped.

Do you see that Sunday lineup?! I was stoked enough when it was Dino Jr, Weakerthans, Best Coast and IGGY! But then the Replacements reunited!! First gig in 22 years. That’s right. Can’t. Hardly. Wait.

And, it hasn’t officially been announced yet, but seeing as how JOHN STAMOS RETWEETED MY TWEEET about it and they did this recently on Jimmy Fallon – I think it’s safe to say Jesse and the Rippers are going to be added to this bill. They better be. My heart can’t take the toying.

john stamos retweet tweet lisa lagace lisa_TTRO turn the record over riot fest uncle jesse full house jesse and the rippers reunion win tickets to see them at riot fest

With that said, I know you want to go, and courtesy of Riot Fest I can make that happen for free!  Yes, they have given me a pair of passes to giveaway to one of you awesome readers.

All you have to do to enter is subscribe to the weekly newsletter using the form below – every Friday you will receive a roundup of my posts from the week. If you have already subscribed to my daily email alerts, consider yourself subscribed as I am transferring everyone over to weekly (since I think we all appreciate less email).

*In order to actually be entered you must go to your email and hit the confirm subscription link you will then receive – if you do not do this, you are not actually subscribed and I will not have your email address and therefore will not be able to contact you if you win – so that’s the most important part.*

Subscribe here to enter the giveaway:

Get bonus entries by being a Facebook fan and sharing my Facebook post about this giveaway, and following me on Instagram (@lisalagace).

Get ready for some of this:

and this:

and hopefully, a little bit of this:


Giveaway – The Exhibition and When I Walk at Hot Docs Festival


Come Thursday, another Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival is upon us for 11 days, and I couldn’t be more excited to be covering it. Documentary film is the most reliable format for great filmmaking, in my opinion, because real stories always resonate – even if the camera work and production value are poor – the aspect of humanity being portrayed is almost always palpable.

With that said, Hot Docs has asked me to give you guys tickets to some of the films I am most excited to see. I have a pair of tickets to giveaway to the first screenings of both The Exhibition and When I Walk.

It is no secret that I have a very strong interest in crime stories. I’m obsessive about shows like Dateline, 48 Hours, Dexter, Breaking Bad and Criminal Minds. The Exhibition blends that interest with my true passion for arts, creativity and artists who aren’t afraid to break the rules – making this one of my top picks for this years festival.

It looks at the largest serial murder case in Canadian history – that of Robert Pickton and his pig farm back in 2007 – and an artist, Pamela Masik, who created paintings based around the faces of the 69 missing women police revealed at the time. Masik created gruesome portraits of the women – meant to highlight a racist and sexist society that let such violence against women take place for so long. But of course, using real victims for your art is going to piss a lot of people off, and for it, she faced a shitstorm of criticism that forced her to cancel the exhibition of this massive collection of work.

Win tickets to see it on Saturday April 27th at 9:30pm at TIFF Bell Lightbox. 

When I Walk is the personal story of director Jason DeSilva and his diagnosis and subsequent battle with a severe form of multiple sclerosis at just 25 years old. As a filmmaker he was used to a life of travelling the world and creating. The disease, as it quickly stole his ability to walk, took this from him.

I watched my aunt live with multiple sclerosis for the first 10 years of my life – visiting her at the hospital every weekend with my dad – watching her turn into a skeleton until she finally passed away. It created within me a fear of hospitals that remains to this day. Not because of her – she was incredible despite all the pain, lighting up with joy anytime we were in the room – but because she was stuck there in this bland place surrounded by a rotating sea of geriatrics on their death bed – young and alive but unable to live – a true nightmare for someone as fun as she was (a rebellious Beatles fanatic and a mod, I wish I could have known her once I was older as I obviously got a lot of my personality from her).

MS is a terrible, incurable disease that strikes a very large portion of Canadians because of our cold climate – and while things are a lot more hopeful now than they were back when my aunt was diagnosed – there is still a lot more that can be done. Films like this have the potential to educate and humanize something that is very hard to understand unless you have experienced it. A cure is within reach.

Win tickets to the Friday April 26th screening at 9:30pm at TIFF Bell Lightbox. 

To win, leave a comment with the name of the film you are interested in seeing (or both, if you’re interested in both), using an email address I can contact you at where it asks for your email address (do not put your email in the body of the comment). 

You can also enter by becoming a Facebook fan and commenting on my status about this giveaway with the film you would like to see.

Both winners will be chosen and notified on Wednesday morning either via their email address or on Facebook, depending on method of entry.