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Giveaway – Bruce Springsteen’s High Hopes on Vinyl

bruce springsteen high hopes giveaway win it on vinyl

Another great giveaway for you! My favourite man, Bruce Springsteen, released another new album this year in the form of High Hopes, and I have a copy on vinyl to giveaway to you!

All you have to do to enter is subscribe to TTRO – once a week (starting very soon!) you will receive a roundup of all the new posts on the blog, plus special info only for subscribers. Be sure to click the confirmation email you receive, or you will not actually be subscribed, thus, not entered into the giveaway.

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You have until Thursday March 20th, 2014 at midnight to enter. The winner will be contacted via the email address used to subscribe. 

Stay tuned cause I’m giving away the new Broken Bells album next!

Have a listen to my favourite track on the album, “The Wall,” which I guarantee you sounds even better on vinyl:


TGIF: Unreleased Elliott Smith Song, Cute Pups for Charity and Banned Album Covers

  • This just in, another Elliott Smith unreleased song has surfaced today, download it here!!!
  • This made me laugh. Tumblr and it’s picture/video happy+ content weak blog format never really appealed to me as a loyal wordpress user. I have one now, but just to keep my blogs name from being used by thieves. This article is a bit harsh, as not all Tumblr users are this cliche, but it’s still a funny  read (apparently written by a 17 yr old, at that!)
  • I wouldn’t consider myself the most charitable person around but when it comes to dogs, I’m all over it (my dog being my blogs logo may give that away). Paws for the Cause is an amazing charity that supports Ontario Vets and there is a great event happening in Toronto on Saturday July 16th at Trinity Bellwoods Park where groomers will be washing pups by donation. It’s free to attend so bring your dog down to the park as it will be cute overload. Even if you don’t have a dog, come see pups being adorable and support a great cause.
  • This is kinda gross/NSFW : 32 Banned Album Covers.
  • Awesome news as it means The Bloor will be around for a long time to come (even though Sonic Boom still has to move): Hot Docs takes over The Bloor Cinema. 
  • Broken Social Scene, Paley &  (Black) Francis and J Mascis are headlining a FREE show in Hamilton on September 10th. Mark that one down on your calendar.
  • This is bothersome news. Martin Streek killed himself two years ago after The Edge let him go. Now Alan Cross is gone? Along with the 90s MuchMusic VJs, they helped shape/influence my music taste more than I care to recall. MuchMusic has sucked for a long time now since MTV took over, but The Edge still had a few redeeming hosts from their glory days. No more.
  • In other awesome free music news, Sloan is playing a FREE show August 5th at Echo Beach. I saw Robyn at Echo Beach for it’s opening show and I LOVE it there. Live music, beach, volleyball, drinking. Add Sloan and it really doesn’t get much better. If you’re into them, Third Eye Blind, Platinum Blonde and Andy Kim are also playing there for free in the coming weeks.
  • Oh and the Polaris Music Prize Short List was announced this week:  Arcade Fire, Austra, Braids, Destroyer, Galaxie, Hey Rosetta, Ron Sexsmith, Colin Stetson, Timber Timbre, and The Weekend made the list. Not too impressive, honestly. The only album on there I truly loved is by the band who needs the money the least.


TGIF: Bruce’s Eulogy, Cover Songs Galore and The Pope Tweets

Happy Friday everyone! Happy Pride! Happy CANADA DAY! Hope the Canadian’s out there are enjoying the day off and doing something awesome. It should be noted that I am celebrating my birthday today, so if you want to give me a gift, go click that ‘like’ button -> on the right sidebar! Now for the links…

  • Don’t know how I just found this website. Probably old news to many of you but if not, please check out The Voice Project. I posted the cover Broken Social Scene did for this yesterday, but there are a whole bunch of beautifully shot, gorgeous sounding cover songs on there, all for a truly great cause.
  • Billy Joe’s son has a band? Billy Joe has a son old enough to be in a band? WTF. Dookie was the first CD I ever bought. Weird. If there’s such a thing as ‘cutesy punk’ that song is it.
  • Justin Timberlake bought MySpace? I thought this guy was in the music industry? Way to throw away millions. I guess that’s what you do when you have it to spare. #thatshipalreadysank #sorrybro



Record Store Day 2011

Saturday was one of my favorite days of the year – Record Store Day – aka Christmas for music nerds all around the world. Pictured above are the records I managed to get my hands on at Sonic Boom and Criminal Records without waiting in any line – which means I didn’t get anything too rare. I did however get some great albums I had been meaning to own on vinyl on sale, and a bunch of awesome singles. This is what I bought:

Not shown is the Radiohead EP I paid for but with the craziness of the day, it didn’t make it into my bag. I had a super long day and didn’t check out my records until after midnight, so it was too late to go back to to the store. Hopefully they realized the mistake and have it waiting for me.

For a full list of special releases that were available go here : Record Store Day Special Releases.

So what did you get? Did anyone manage to get a copy of Big Star’s Third test pressing? See any of the in-stores?


Poor Young Things at Cadillac Lounge

Wednesday was a rough day for me. The weather in Toronto had been that snow sludgy rain that absolutely makes me hate being outside at all. The TTC was having a meltdown (because apparently it is even more useless when it rains) when an electrical line busted at Spadina and King making me very late for work that morning and come 5pm the problem still hadn’t been solved. I spent over an hour after work on a detouring streetcar that decided to head into rush hour commuter traffic towards the Expressway instead of diverting north to Queen Street like it should have – trying to get to the Royal York hotel to pick up my CMW pass. Pick up closed at 6pm and my streetcar ride finally reached my destination at 6:20pm instead of 5:40pm like it should have. The media girl said she couldn’t give me my pass and I’d have to come back tomorrow.

At this point I was frozen from waiting in the rain for the streetcar in the first place and sitting in my wet clothes on the car for so long, and ready to give up on the night.  I thought fuck it, I’m just gonna go home, curl up in a ball in bed and curse the the TTC, Rob Ford, the shitty weather and all the little things that can make a city like Toronto frustrating. But I was really looking forward to the Cadillac Lounge Rock Series show so I sucked it up and headed back into the rain.

If there is anything that can cure an absolutely shitty day, it is seeing a great band do what they do best. My day from hell turned into an awesome night as soon as Poor Young Things took the stage.

These guys have yet to release a full length album but they definitely have enough solid material to record one very soon. They opened with Get Right, a song recorded with the help of Trews member Jeff Hiesholt whom they met while opening a Thunder Bay show for the band a few years back.

I think everyone in the room realized what a well oiled machine Poor Young Things are early on with this song because people immediately pulled away from their little bubble of private conversations and started to pay attention. Playing to a crowd of people sitting at tables and eating has to be a little disheartening for any band, but you wouldn’t notice when you watch Poor Young Things perform, which is why they were able to grab the audiences attention so easily. The same energy they brought to the small crowd at the Horseshoe in February was back for this Canadian Music Festival performance. I suspect they could play alone in their basement and have just as much fun as they do on stage.

I was happy to hear Easy soon into the set as well. A song that sounds like something Bruce Springsteen could have wrote in his early days were he from the South rather than Jersey, I can’t help but wonder if the line “she ain’t got empty days to sit around listening to poor young things reminisce and get their story straight” came before or after they chose the name. Previously recording under the name Money Honey, they ditched it for something more SEO friendly, which was a smart move since rhyme names can get a little cheesy.

Chicago Road also received a positive crowd reaction, it being the only song they still play from their days under the Money Honey name. I can see why they have kept it around. The super catchy chorus is made for singing along and getting people on their feet. But the best part of the night came when they played Trophy Kids, a radio worthy 20something anthem in the making. I want to blast it from my car speakers and shout along while taking an inevitable road trip to escape the routine, because like most people my age just beginning to grasp the weight of the real world, growing up has indeed been getting me down.

Poor Young Things could easily be compared to Kings Of Leon and they obviously recognize this fact, playing a cover of California Waiting, a classic from before KOL was singing about burning genitals and statutory rape to make it into the mainstream fold, towards the end of their set. Matt Fratpietro’s vocals will no doubt be compared to Caleb Followill for a long time to come, but I think PYT has a little more substance to offer in both their sound and lyrics, which will help set them apart.

All in all it was a great set and they were easily my favorite band of the night. The only thing that could have made it better would have been the addition of Heavy Sound to the setlist, which has been on repeat in my apartment for weeks now. Lyrically it far exceeds my expectations for musicians so early into their career and there is a soul to its sound that most musicians strive for, but rarely achieve. Also, I’m a sucker for Dylan references and “when I write my masterpiece, this whole room will weep” has to be the best I’ve come across yet.

I’m eagerly awaiting the masterpiece album they have in them.

To hear the songs mentioned in this review, go here.
See them for yourselves April 1st in Toronto at Hard Luck.