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Behind The Scenes At Mohawk Racetrack


As I mentioned earlier, I had the opportunity to go behind the scenes at Mohawk Racetrack last Thursday. Here’s a little rundown of how it all went down.

We started the evening at the Terrace Dining Room, which, after passing by last time, I was excited to check out.

After ordering a round of drinks and some apps, we watched the races begin and decided to try our hand at placing a bet on the horse with the name we liked best (great strategy, I know). Unfortunately, Deep Impact didn’t win, but our luck (and strategy) improved as the night went on.

For dinner we ordered the salmon tortellini and a pepperoni pizza, and despite being stuffed we had to follow it up with dessert because the brownie martini looked amazing (and the apple crumble was even better). The food was delicious – we were so full we could barely move once it was time to take the tour.

The dining room patio provides a perfect view of the track along with quick access to the betting machine, and the servers were all friendly and very attentive. If you head to Mohawk, I highly recommend staking your spot up there. But be warned – if you choose to sit on the patio, the mosquitoes get bad once the sun starts to set – my feet were covered in bites, so dress appropriately or bring bug spray.


After the meal and a little success betting on a couple horses with good odds, Mark, the communications coordinator at Mohawk, took us over to the Paddock to get a behind the scenes look at how it all goes down at the racetrack.

The horses arrive from all over Ontario in their trailers, then they’re moved inside and grouped together based on the race they’re running in.

At the back of the paddock there’s a special area where they test the urine of the horse that wins each race, along with a random horse from each race, to ensure they haven’t been given any performance enhancing drugs.

Each horse has their own caretaker who carefully bathes them and takes care of them before and after the race. These guys are the true unsung heroes of the sport, who unlike the drivers and coaches, get no glory and have to deal with literal horse shit – but have deep love for the animals.

At Mohawk, the horses are all Standardbred – which I learned means they are more durable horses than Thoroughbreds (who can only run once a month because of their daintier bone structure). Standardbreds are able to run once a week without causing too much stress to their bones.

Just driving alongside the horses as they race, no biggie. @MohawkRacing #behindthescenes #offtotheraces

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By far the most exciting part of the evening was that, after the tour, we were able to get on the track in the car that drives in front of the horses to get them together in line as the race starts. Hearing their hooves clop along the pavement and being right beside them as they ran was an incredible once in a lifetime experience that I will never forget. The power of the horses on the track is especially impactful when you get to be there right in the action of the race.

FYI Just a reminder that you still have time to make the quick trip to Mohawk this summer to take a selfie in front of the track and win $1000 gift certificate! Just post it to twitter and use the #OffToTheRaces hashtag and you’re all set. Remember, admission to the races is always free, and they’re open from 6pm to 11pm five days a week.


Today’s Quote – No Shame In Being A Boss

katy perry forbes

Before accepting the offer to be on the cover of Forbes, I was told that a lot of women have previously shied away from doing it. I wondered if it was because they thought, socially, it would look like they were flaunting or bragging, or it wasn’t a humble decision.

Ladies, there is a difference between being humble and working hard to see the fruits of your labor blossom, and your dreams realized. Hopefully this cover can be an inspiration to women out there that it’s okay to be proud of hard earned success and that there is no shame in being a boss.


Join Me At Mohawk Racetrack to Win $1000


The time has come again for me to return to Mohawk Racetrack and try my luck at learning how to properly bet on the horses.

I’m heading over on Thursday evening where I will be lucky enough to get a Paddock Tour and view the races from their lovely Terrace Dining Room while testing out the lovely food and drink menu they offer. I think it’ll be a very different experience from my last trip, maybe more low-key – but I could be completely wrong about that. Excited to find out!

I am very much looking forward to a more behind-the-scenes look at what happens at the races and how it all works, and I will be sure to report back on all that I saw and learned, so stay tuned.

While you’re at it, you should probably consider making a quick trip out to Campbellville to visit Mohawk this summer. Not only will you learn about the sport and art of racing as I am, but you’ll also get that sweet chance to win the $1000 gift card.

To win, all you have to do is head to Mohawk Racetrack anytime this summer and snap a selfie in front of the racetrack. Just post it to Twitter using the hashtag #OffToTheRaces – and you’re entered! It’s never been easier to win a nice chunk of change.

Go on, indulge your inner selfie lover while making your peers experience the FOMO of an out of town trip to the races.


Giveaway – See Pretend We’re Kissing at Open Roof Festival

pretend were kissing giveaway

As you might know (despite the rain) summer is here, and that means one thing – outdoor movie festivals are in full swing. One of my favourites of them all remains Open Roof Festival. Not only do you get to watch a great movie you probably won’t find in major theaters anytime soon, you also get to hear a great live band before dusk hits.

I went a few weeks back and watched the hilarious The Overnight and caught a brilliant Toronto band that has become my new obsession – Del Bel.

This week, I get to give you the chance to check it out for free. I have a pair of tickets up for grabs to attend Open Roof Festival at 99 Sudbury on Wednesday, July 22nd – where one of my old faves – Hooded Fang, will be playing before they screen the incredibly adorable and funny looking Pretend We’re Kissing.

To enter, send an email to with the subject ‘Open Roof Fest’ and you’ll be entered to win.

As always, sharing this post will gain you bonus entries.

Contest closes and the winner will be chosen and contacted on Monday July 20th.


Tell Me About Your Favourite Live Performer


The live performance is something I hold in highest regard. There’s no more pressure a person can be under than when they get up on a stage to entertain a crowd.

If you’re not good live, you’re probably in truth, actually not all that great of a musician. Auto-tune has made fans into fools a few too many times.

Who are your favourite artists to see play live? (Btw, if your fave band is one of those groups that sells out in minutes, check out Ticketbis, where fans sell tickets to shows they can no longer make to those looking for tickets to see them live).

If there’s one live musician who I will always believe takes the cake – it’s The Boss himself. Bruce Springsteen is one of those performers who, still today in his 60s, will play for 3 – sometimes 4 – hours, giving the audiences all the hits they want and all the b-sides he needs to stay interested, without loosing a drop of energy or taking a break for intermission (as some older artists tend to do).

How he does it I’ll never know. Obviously he makes it a point to stay in amazing shape and likely eats healthy – there’s no other explanation for what he does onstage.

Another favourite – though I know I’ll get a lot of flack for this – is Bob Dylan. But that’s mostly because Bob Dylan is my favourite musician/wordsmith, so seeing him live is always exciting because I know I am lucky enough to be experiencing a true legend in real life.

His live shows these days certainly aren’t what they must have been in the 60s, but he still lives for the road and that love for his music and performing is an incredible thing to witness. And I actually don’t mind when an artist changes their songs up to keep it musically interesting. You’d get a little bored to after performing those songs for 40+ years.

When it comes to modern musicians, I will always reference Jack White. No matter what, he always brings it – and if the audience is refusing to give back, he will walk right off the damn stage. He commands respect, and that is hard to find these days. Musicians always want to please fans and give them what they want – and Jack always does – but he also expects the people who show up to actually show up.

The live show shouldn’t just be about the person on the stage – the fun in it for them is the adrenaline rush they receive back from the audience. The point is to feed off each-other, and it’s great to see an artist that gets that point so completely.

There are tons of others I love almost as much – but these three all rank highly on my list.