Wow, what a week. Tons of interesting stuff to cover – most importantly President Obama doing what Presidents should have done ages ago and standing up for human rights for everyone, no matter what their sexuality. Very important moment in history, proud he had the courage to speak up on this divisive issue right before an election.

For those of you near Toronto, the recommended show happening tonight is definitely Topanga and Wildlife at the Horseshoe, and Saturday goes to Sweet Mack and The Dirty Nil at Silver Dollar.

Now for everything else that happened this week.

  • Nameste and Gratitude to Adam Yauch I’ve become even more bummed about this loss as the days have passed and I’ve been reminded of just what a huge impact he truly had on music, this piece by one of my favorite music writers says it best.
  • Tom Gabel of Against Me! Comes Out As Transgender This is fairly huge news. I’ve never been an Against Me! fan as it always seemed to be a part of that dreadful Fallout Boy scene that happened in the mid aughts, but I think this is bold and awesome, and good for him for doing something that is hard enough in the real world -but doubly so in the music industry where being masculine is basically a necessity to be treated with respect. I love that the general consensus on this seems to be that it is a great thing – gives me hope that the world finally is moving in the right direction.
  • 2012 vs. 1984: Young adults really do have it harder today I am certainly aware of this fact. When I think about the years I’ve been paying down my student loans and how little the gigantic amount has dropped, it makes me nauseous. The thought of one day owning a house/condo or even just a car feels like a fantasy to me because of this. I don’t regret a penny I spent on my education – it has given me a career I truly love – but it is sick that I will be in my 30s before I can completely pay it off and actually start saving for other things, because the system is so messed up. Looking at the inflation rate in that article and seeing what tuition should have cost me compared to what it did cost was incredibly depressing – how does the education system get away with this gouging of the people that need the most help?
  • Cumberland Theatre set to enter deadpool More bad news. Cumberland has been my favorite non rep cinema in the city since I first moved here. Alliance Films are always quality (there’s a reason I’m always happy to do their giveaways here) and I always knew I could find a unique film worth watching playing at Cumberland on any given day. I’m glad I had the chance to go there a few times during Hot Docs last week, but had no idea it was to be my last time there, ever. Here’s hoping it doesn’t get replaced with a shitty club.
  • Have You Ever Outed A Cheater? I’ve wanted to do this with every fiber of my being at one point, but sometimes you have to step back and keep your nose out of other peoples business. I genuinely believe cheaters always get found out anyway, as relationships that are already shitty enough to have that happen always break eventually. That said, if I knew for a fact someone was cheating on any of my best friends – I’d have to tell them and I’d hope they’d do the same for me. It’s one of those things where it depends on your relationship with the person being cheated on.
  • It’s Harley believable The Tsunami is bringing treasures to Canada.
  • Saipancakes Pancakes can be art, too. Love the dog breed pancakes, someone make me a Mr Bojangles pancake so I can live up to my claim that I want to eat him up every time I look at his adorable face (yes I am one of those dog people). Also awesome – the ugly pancake contest, looking forward to seeing those entries. All my pancakes turn out deformed, so I could probably win this.
  • Finally, I’ll freely admit I love Oprah – but in her early days she definitely got a few things wrong. I love that she did have enough voices on this panel to balance out the voices who didn’t understand what the Beastie Boys were doing with their goofball insanity in those early years.


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