This weeks TGIF is a long one to make up for last week. Happy Easter, all!

  • Patti Smith Announces New Album – Hell yes! If there is one woman in music I aspire to be like, it’s Patti Smith. Can’t wait for new music from her.
  • The Commitment of Success
  • Wanted: people who can write, edit It’s interesting to see how short form blogging like Tumblr and Twitter have created a lack in full on bloggers, it’s certainly easier to just stick to 140 characters, but if you’re looking for a job, blogging is a great skill to have.
  • I Hereby Resign Great letter about why asking to see an employees Facebook is a very bad idea.
  • Finally, this Google April Fool’s prank was pretty damn funny (especially LL Cool J’s cameo):


p.s. when you share, it makes my day...
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