Hello all! Hope your week has been amazing. TONIGHT (for those in Toronto) there is only one place you should be, and that is at the Horseshoe for one of the best live (and recorded) bands you will ever see in this city – Teenage Kicks!! I’ve been waiting for this all week. They are officially releasing Be On My Side at this show, so it’s gonna be awesome. Oh and movie fans in Toronto and Ottawa – I have passes to giveaway to a preview screening of Salmon Fishing In The Yemen, so look out for that post tomorrow. This is what I found worthy of wasting your internet time this week:

  • Monkees singer Davy Jones dead at 66 This was sad news. 66 is far too young to pass away. Both my moms parents died around that age which was seriously lame. There was a year in my young life where I really loved watching The Monkees reruns, my sister would actually get mad and force me to turn it off. I consider it the early stage of my obsessive love for the 60s starting to develop. I still think Head is one of the coolest films ever made in that time.
  • Inside the new Bloor Hot Docs Cinema !!! How amazing does the reno look? The days of squeaky chairs you couldn’t lean back in, and leaving your purse on the seat next to you for fear of rat invasion are over! Hot Docs is easily my favorite film festival in the city (less intense/packed then TIFF, none of the celeb bullshit & a schedule of films you won’t get to see otherwise) so this has me super excited. Anytime rep cinemas get love I’m happy.
  • Ex-conservative has warning A must read and share with your network. This government is destroying everything good about Canada, and that guy is brave enough to call it out after working on their side.
  • Do This Don’t: Be A Fatty in Horizontal Stripes Haha, I love this. Stripes are probably my favorite part of my wardrobe, and not having the most defined waist has always made me question if I look alright in these items – but if this girl can get over it, we all can. Forget what the stupid magazines tell you. Clothes should be fun.
  • How to Assemble a ‘Dragon’ Super cool – shot by shot breakdown of the editing in a scene from The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, which was my favorite film of the year (along with Drive, both of which got pretty much snubbed by the Oscars on Sunday, but nothing new there).
  • And finally, Poor Young Things new video for Blame It On The Good Times came out this week. I was there during the filming at the Cadillac Lounge which was super fun as it’s the first time I’ve actually watched the process behind the making of a video. It was quite hilarious to watch them walk into and out of the bar about 50 times just for one shot. it’s also a really great look at Toronto as a whole, the editing is great.


p.s. when you share, it makes my day...
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