Happy Friday! Hope your week has been much better than mine. After being so excited for last weekend, it was ruined when one of my wisdom tooth sockets got infected/abscessed which is one of the sickest and most painful things you can ever go through. I spent Monday getting my gums cut open again in two spots, having drains SEWN into them, and crying the whole damn time because it hurt like hell and they didn’t put me to sleep so I was awake for the whole torturous procedure. I hope none of you ever have to know what it feels like to cry while having a huge jaw opener in your mouth to keep your mouth open, I was basically choking on my tears. This has been the worst week ever, but between sleeping and drinking Ensure I managed to find a few links. Enjoy.

  • Liz Phair on Why Lana Del Rey Scares Rock’s Boys Club I love this article. I have been all for Lana Del Rey since I first heard about her making waves on YouTube, and Liz Phair is so incredibly right. Why is she expected to be Jimi Hendrix to not be criticized and torn apart? There would be a lot more talented women in music if it didn’t take oversexualizing yourself to get attention in the first place. As her real self – girl next door Lizzy Grant – she had the same great voice she has now, but no one cared. She has a voice now, and you don’t have to like it, but quit taking your insecurities out on her. The SNL weekend update skit they did on her was brilliant.
  • Bonnaroo 2012 They redesigned the website and it looks fantastic. You should bookmark it because the lineup is announced next week! Radiohead is all I really care about, but I’m going either way.
  • Rent-a-Gent Makes me Want to Barf-a-Lot I wish Rent-a-Gent lived in Toronto, I really need someone to finish painting my apartment and reupholster my couch and install new curtains. Sure, I can (and have) done some of these things, but I really don’t want to. And he only charges in beer! The best.
  • The Eaton Center Turns 35 I love seeing the city back in the 70s, wish I could have been alive/living in Toronto back then. Everyone looks so cool. But then there was the 80s. How did everyone let that happen? Geez, hideous in every way possible.
  • Teenage Kicks covered one of my absolute favorite Wilco songs!!! You should probably go watch it.
  • Awesome new Black Keys video for what is maybe the best song on the new album – Gold On The Ceiling.
  • Speaking of new videos, watch this pretty back and white one from The Darcys new Steely Dan cover album –  Josie.
  • Finally, seems someone made one of the movies I’ve had in my head for a few years now. Don’t let its title scare you off – it’s called I Am Not A Hipster – a phrase I’m sure I’ve said at least a few times in my life. It was one of the Official Selections at Sundance and it’s getting great reviews. An indie musician who is famous in his local scene despite being kind of a douchebag, struggles with the simultaneous death of his mother and breakup with his girlfriend.  A film that uses music as its core, and shows that the word hipster is utterly meaningless because arty kids have to deal with the same shit as everyone else. I can’t wait to see this.


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