What a week. It started with the news of Whitney Houston's death and then Bon Iver won best new artist. Both the Bonnaroo and CMW schedules were released so I've been in planning mode.

Happy Friday friends. What a week. It started with the news of Whitney Houston’s death, and then Bon Iver won best new artist at the Grammy’s, where the vile Chris Brows was treated like a God for some awful reason. Both the Bonnaroo and CMW schedules were released so I’ve been in planning mode. It was also Valentine’s Day, and an awesome new band made up of former Stills/BSS members called Eight and a Half played their first show at The Drake, so that was fun. Oh and it was Social Media Week in Toronto. And it’s my first week of not being swelled up from all the wisdom tooth bullshit so I’ve actually been able to leave my house. Crossing my fingers that it stays that way.

Here’s what I’ve been reading:

  • Bon Iver’s Grammy Inquisition: Exclusive Q&A With 2012’s Best New Artist He went on and on about how he thought the Grammy’s were stupid, only to get on stage and accept his award like any big name musician would. Though I will give him credit for pointing out how there are so many amazing musicians who will never make it to that stage, and thanking them. The mainstream recognizing real art should be seen as a good thing, even if it is incredibly rare, at least it’s starting to happen.
  • I Wanna Dance With Somebody I decided against writing about Whitney’s death this week, because everything that could be said already has, and I was never an obsessive Whitney fan so it would feel like contributing to the phony ‘Oh someone died! I should get on that bandwagon’ bullshit that I can’t stand. That said, even the biggest pop hater has to recognize the incredible talent she has, so go watch my favorite 80s dance song.
  • Why Has The Music Industry Forgiven Chris Brown? Amen. It’s one thing for him to say he made a mistake and actually act genuinely sorry and sympathetic about it, but that is the last thing he has done. Throwing a chair at a window, storming out of buildings shirtless in a rage when asked about it, and rage tweeting at his haters basically proves he is the kind of guy who thinks violence is the only way to deal with anything. This isn’t the 60s where someone like John Lennon can get away with such actions, or at least I thought it wasn’t? But if you watched the Grammy’s you might think the times are still that archaic and flawed when it comes to what musicians. Sickening.
  • Canadian Music Fest – Schedule Here’s the link, get to it. I will have my full schedule recommendation post up shortly! Super excited as it looks like I will be able to see all my favorites play this year with very few conflicts.
  • How To Have An Awesome Single Valentine’s Day The dreaded VDay is over, but this article has all the reasons why I usually don’t mind the day. I spent mine drinking too much with some of my favorite people ever, which I think should be the tradition now, single or not.
  • Photofile: Venus in retrograde Speaking of the media’s portrayal of women, this is amazing. An artist has taken classic paintings of nude women and redone them to represent todays standards of skinny beauty. It’s a must see.
  • Finally, I have to laugh at this. I’m sure you’ve all seen the original video, which I’m gonna say sounds pretty autotuned. It took off like crazy and is an awesome example of viral marketing (had anyone heard of Walk off the Earth before this?). Watch this spoof of the one guitar played by five musicians video.


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