Tomorrow is Christmas Eve! Are you excited? I’ve already received the biggest present I will get this year, but I’m still looking forward to going back home for a bit, eating far too much and seeing my fam. 2011 has been such an awesome year that literally just seemed to get better and better with each passing month, and I can only hope that the trend will continue into 2012. I hope it was just as good for you, and I hope you don’t receive any Nickelback (or any bad music at all) on Christmas morning.

If you’re in Toronto and need something to do tonight, The Sweet Mack play at the Horseshoe  – go!

Now for some links:

  • Dangerous Ideas: Getting Started is Overrated I love this article, and believe it is SO true. So many people have great ideas but do nothing with them, they just sit there and are quickly abandoned. That idea that all you need to do is get started is bullshit. Don’t waste your time starting something until you know it is something you truly believe in and are willing to commit yourself to 100% so it actually has a chance at being successful.
  • How To Be A Freelance Writer This made me laugh while reflecting on just how terribly true it is. Freaking out down to the last minute trying to make deadlines, living in pajamas, sleeping at the most random times of day, writing your best pieces at 3am after coming home from the bar, never feeling good enough… it’s so damn stressful. The biggest truth ever: “Good editors ask you for work earlier than they need it because they are writers too and they understand how whimsical it is.”
  • My Life Without Facebook: A Social Experiment Could you do it? I always think it’s kinda lame when people deactivate their account because you know they will be back in no time, it always seems so dramatic and unnecessary. But it’s interesting to see how this worked out for him.
  • 4 Facebook Timeline Features You Should Learn Now I love timeline, I got it as soon as it was available to devs back in September and I’m dying for everyone else to finally be switched over. It looks so much better and you can access your entire FB history in seconds. Seeing my friends post ‘on my wall’ back in 2005 is hilarious.
  • 35 Shocking Facts That Prove That College Education Has Become A Giant Money Making Scam This article comes from a source I don’t completely trust, not sure where they got the stats from, but I do agree with it in general, and reading the comments on it only makes it more relevant. We are all told we need college now to get a job, but the degree is almost meaningless in the job world these days. Working hard to build something that shows your skills (like a blog) will get you a job faster and cheaper than a degree. For the record, I don’t regret going to school at all, I feel incredibly proud to be the only person in my extended family with a degree and I learned a lot about art and culture at school that I never would have otherwise, but the debt it came with is crippling, for sure.
  • This lecture is fascinating, SoundCloud’s founder and CEO talking about how sound will be bigger than video:


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