The end of the week is here, and what an awesome week it has been. I like you November – not yet freezing outside, Christmas season in full swing (I love Christmas, it’s the only thing that makes winter somewhat tolerable), friends visiting the city, and hopefully a much needed vacation happening for me soon. Sounds good to me. Lots of cool giveaways coming up so stay tuned – you have until tomorrow night to enter the Food and Wine Expo preview and then I’m giving away passes to see a new film about Marilyn Monroe!

But for now, here are your links.

  • Turn The Record Over is now on Google+ so go give it a +1 and add me to your circle so I can add you back. I deleted the personal one I had been forced to set up when it wouldn’t let me make a page originally, so if you had me before, definitely add me here now. I can not add you first because it’s a page. You have to put me in your circles first before it allows me to reciprocate and put you in mine, so hit me up. G+ has slowed down, but just as Facebook was irrelevant for its first year, there’s still a big chance it will take off. This is google, they already dominate email and search, so I’m not sitting around waiting for it to get huge before I jump in.
  • Things Every Venue Wishes You Knew – “MOST VENUES DON’T CARE HOW GOOD YOU ARE! They care if you have a draw. Yes they don’t want to book trash, but an average band that brings 200 people to any given city will get booked anywhere verses an AMAZING band that brings no one. It sucks, I know, but this isn’t basketball. It’s not talent based. Music business is temperature based (how hot are you).” So true.
  • Do Our Interns Look Like Shit? – This made me laugh. I applied to intern at Vice once back in the day, and now I’m pretty happy I didn’t get it. Still though, that’s hilarious.
  • It’s so funny how weird everyone is about this topic when it comes to girls.
  • A Streetcar We Desire – I.CANT.WAIT. Those old rickety streetcars I completely rely on to get around the city mostly seem like too many homeless people have died in them.
  • 30 Days to Learn HTML and CSS – I’ve recently decided I need to learn tech language if I’m gonna be the best at what I do, and this free course is helping me figure some of it out.
  • Teddy Bear Bread – you know you wanna eat it.
  • All Our Ideas: Occupy Wall Street – This is super cool, go make your voice heard on what you want Occupy’s main request to be, vote on which topics of discussion are most important to you. It’s also interesting to see how the results stack up and what direction this movement is heading in.
  • Finally, here’s an interesting video all about what execs look for when signing an artist to a label:


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