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Cargo Cabbie Made My Move In Toronto Stress Free

cargo cabbie toronto movers

As you might know – I moved recently.

After 7.5 years living at Queen and Spadina, an opportunity arose to move to a much nicer, larger apartment – and after a lot of hesitation and fear of leaving what had turned into my first real home – I took it.

I am now comfortably settled into that new, much larger apartment (for the first time since I moved out of my parents house at 18 I have ensuite laundry, a dishwasher and proper air conditioning!).

But I couldn’t have made this move happen without the help of a reliable Toronto moving company.

My last apartment was a 3rd floor walk up, and after 7+ years, I had acquired quite a few things. Summer is also my busiest time of year by far, so having time to pack up that many things just wasn’t going to happen on my own.

I hired Cargo Cabbie to help me pack and move because I had read great things about them, and they were consistently rated the best movers in Toronto on Homestars. They were very booked up for the September 1st date of my move (easily the busiest time of year for movers), but managed to fit me into their schedule, thankfully.

best movers toronto

I wasn’t sure what to expect, as this was my first time ever dealing with movers, and had heard quite a few horror stories from people in the past (never hire a mover from Craigslist if you value your property).

I found Cargo Cabbie’s customer service not only friendly, but efficient, thorough, helpful and very quick to respond.

Not once was I left waiting more than a day for an email response, and there was always someone knowledgeable and helpful available on the phone to answer any of my questions during working hours.

The process for getting an estimate was simple – I took photos of my apartment (including inside the closets and cupboards) and emailed them over – and they were able to give me a very thorough and detailed estimate that ended up being quite accurate in the end.

I’ll admit I was particularly nervous about the pack, as it seemed very odd to have someone you don’t know go through all your things and pack up your life.

On the day of the pack, the team of two arrived on time, introduced themselves, asked me to take them through my apartment and what I needed packed, and returned with all the supplies they needed.

The best part about using their packing service is, not only do you save the time packing – you don’t have to get a car and try to find boxes and buy all that bubble wrap, tape and packing paper – they bring everything you need.

Also, they are professionals – so they know exactly how to pack so that your things don’t end up broken. Care was taken to ensure anything I owned that contained liquids/powder was wrapped in plastic wrap and packing paper to ensure leaks were impossible. I have so many little things like lipstick and eye shadow that I was surprised they were able to get my entire life packed up that thoroughly in the span of just six hours.

All my framed art was also carefully wrapped in bubble wrap and covered in large long doubled up boxes to ensure the glass wouldn’t get scratched or smashed.

During the pack, Javier, the owner, stopped by to ensure everything was moving smoothly and that I was happy with the service.

reliable toronto movers

In the end, I had 53 boxes worth of things! I was shocked to find out that I had somehow accumulated that much stuff over the years, in my tiny one bedroom apartment.

On moving day, they were running about 5 minutes late due to traffic issues, but called ahead to let me know.

The team of four was able to get everything into the moving truck in 1.5 hours, which was great timing considering they were also taking down my shelves and curtain at this time. They bring all the tools needed to take your furniture apart – so you really don’t need to worry about anything.

Once we got to the new apartment, they had everything up and in my new space within an hour. It all happened so fast. I was impressed not only with their efficiency and speed, but with how friendly they were – and how helpful they were in helping place the new furniture, and unwrap/unbox anything I needed help with.

Once the move was complete, Javier asked me if there was anything else I needed help with or wanted moved around, and if I was happy with everything. It was great to know I had hired a company that cared so much about how everything went, and wanted to make sure I was 100 percent satisfied with everything before they left.

cargo cabbie best movers toronto

I am happy to report none of my items were damaged – but I also know that if something had been, they offer coverage for up to $20,000 worth of property, and a form is available right on their website to fill out so you can quickly get your item replaced. I felt great knowing that on the off chance something did break (which is to be expected during a move) I would have easily been able to get the value reimbursed.

I now understand exactly why they are so well known as being the best movers in Toronto. Their reputation has developed and maintained itself over the years because they care about customer service, the team is friendly, the move is effecient, and they ensure nothing gets damaged in the move.

If you’re looking for a reliable moving company in Toronto, I highly recommend calling Cargo Cabbie.




Closing Out Summer At The Races

mohawk racetrack metro pace

This past weekend, I headed out to Mohawk Racetrack for the final time this season. If you missed my behind the scenes post last month, it’s worth checking out.

I had such a blast learning about everything that goes into horse-racing this summer at the track, and look forward to using my new-found betting skills to win big next year (or you know, bet a few dollars and have some more fun with friends).

If you have any questions about placing a bet, or how it all works, I’m now a pro and can fill you in on everything (okay not really, but I have a pretty decent grasp on it).

Before this summer, I had no idea how much fun a day at the races could be. I had no idea how to properly bet. I had no idea about the work that goes into maintaining these horses, and all the people required to make these races happen. I thought it was a sport for old men with gambling problems.

Turns out it is actually quite the affordable family event – especially at Mohawk – where I noticed many families at the larger events. Kids may not understand the dynamics of betting, but they can certainly appreciate eating BBQ on a warm summer night while watching some gorgeous horses run the track at full speed. And the free entry doesn’t hurt, either.

Horse racing is an exciting sport, and it makes for a fun group activity – one that us city kids wouldn’t normally think to do. Next time you’re looking for night out that’s a little different, suggest to your pals a quick trip out to Milton to have some fun betting at Mohawk. While you’re there, you can hit up the slots too. It’s kind of the perfect bachelor/bachelorette party idea.

And don’t forget – the season doesn’t close until the end of September so you still have a chance to win that $1000 gift card! ‪#‎OffToTheRaces‬


CNE Moves Into The Future With The Food Building App


The CNE is one of my favourite times of year.

Maybe that’s because I’m still a little kid at heart, or because I love spinning rides and the excuse to eat 2000 calorie fried foods. But it’s really because it feels like everything that is great about summer all rolled into one: long days spent outside with great friends in the sunshine, eating anything and everything you want, discount shopping at its best, entertainment in all its forms, and remembering how it feels to be truly alive via the risk you take letting your body be thrown around in metal contraptions controlled by teenagers working their first job (fair rides are truly the greatest adrenaline rush).

This year though, the CNE moved  into our digital future. The Food Building – aka half the reason we attend the CNE every year – got an app that allows you to skip the lineups and order your food ahead of time.

Yes, that means you can be waiting in line for a ride, order what you want from your app, and walk back to the building just as it’s being prepared for you.

As we all know – because of the fanfare around the crazy foods at the Ex – the lineups can sometimes be insane in the Food Building, especially on a busy weekend around dinner time. The ability to skip the line is exactly what the CNE has needed all these years.


I loved that I was able to order while doing something else, and by the time I got to the booth in the Food Building, there it was, ready and waiting for me.

You can download the CNE Food Building app now, and use it this weekend while you’re getting those last CNE moments in before summer says goodbye for another year.

A couple things to keep in mind: it doesn’t have every item from each vendor listed (just specific ones); they charge a small service fee for every transaction; and if you use a gift card or a promo code – make sure you use it all at once or you will lose whatever funds you didn’t use. You also can’t order from 2 separate vendors at the same time – you have to go back in the app and process a separate transaction (which is to be expected, since you’re paying a different vendor).

The one thing I hope they improve on it for next year is the options – while there was a nice variety of food choices available on the app, there were many more options in the building that were not on the app. Here’s hoping they can get everyone on board next year!

To any food vendors unsure if the app is right for you – I can tell you right now – your customers want it, and it will definitely help increase sales when you have less people waiting in line. No one will turn away from your booth just because the line is too long, as I have done so many times in the past.


Come To The Mohawk Metro Pace This Weekend


After my behind the scenes trip to Mohawk last month, I’m excited to return this Saturday for the Canadian Pacing Derby and Metro Pace.

Some things you should know before heading out to Mohawk this weekend for the big event:

  •  The first 2000 guests through the door will get a free tee, and their first bet is on the house (so get there early)!
  • The BBQ options sound amazing: corn on the cob, hot dogs, chili dogs, sausage, chipotle pulled pork, poutine, and the Pacer Burger – made just for this event.
  •  Live music and strolling entertainment will be featured throughout.
  • Snagging a seat in the dining room will get you a panoramic view of the races.

It’s also one of the premiere racing events in the country, so if you’re interested in checking out horse racing in person for the first time, this is a great one to start with!

Oh and don’t forget, you still have a chance to win that $1000 gift card if you snap a selfie in front of the track and post it to Twitter or Instagram using the #OffToTheRaces hashtag while you’re there, so you should probably do that.
See you at the races!


How To Reorganize Your Closet Like A Pro

how to reorganize your closet

Today’s post comes to us via my very helpful, very wise intern, Reja Zaidi. I have always struggled with keeping my closet organized and tidy, so I was eager to hear her tips on this subject. Excuse me while I give my closet an overhaul. 

Raise your hand if you’ve ever had a moment when you looked (at the mess) inside your closet and wondered – how am I a functioning adult/human being? It’s embarrassing to admit, but I’ve experienced this moment quite a bit.

Now you’re probably wondering to yourself – why is this girl writing this post?

Well, I’ve been on a mission – a mission to conquer the constant mess and disorganization of my closet, using all the valuable skills I learned while working in a retail clothing store.

Here are a five tips I picked up while on the job that have helped me – and will hopefully help you – reorganize your closet.


Have you ever wondered how clothing stores always look so well stocked and organized all the time? How everything seems to fit in all the shelves and racks without spilling over? That effortlessly tidy look actually takes a lot of planning.

Stores can get shipments of new collections from as little as every month to as often as every few days. Each time these new pieces come in, workers are required to do a mass overhaul of the store. They need to make it fit perfectly and look appealing. Even though our closets aren’t as big as an entire retail store, it can only help to have a similar plan for your closet. You can do this by doing your own inventory.

Take a look at how many items you have and rethink where you put it. Have an idea of where you’re going to put all your jeans, your shoes, and so on. If you have an established place where you always put something, you will always have a home to return it to after you’ve used it.


Since retail stores get new collections every few weeks, all the clothes they don’t sell tend to add up. When they start getting new collections in for the fall season, they need to get rid of their old collections to make room for the new stuff – hence those glorious end of season sales with huge markdowns.

Unlike retail stores, we can’t exactly make room for the new seasons’ clothes by throwing out our old ones. But you can implement a seasonal rule for your closet. With the fall season rapidly approaching, you can take out all of your summer and spring clothes that you won’t be wearing in the coming months and put them away in storage.

Pro tip: when you’re packing up your seasonal clothes, make sure to take out all the clothes that you didn’t wear during their season and put them in a bag to donate. You can also use this time to throw away any clothes that you’ve worn threadbare and are no longer wearable.


Trust me, proper storage units are the key to success. It will do wonders to make organization easier – and they’re not particularly expensive.

You can buy cheap hanging shoe racks that eliminate the clutter from the floor of your closet from your local dollar store. They don’t just have to be for shoes, you can use them for socks or undergarments as well. If you have the time and money you can even look up ideas on Pinterest, or pictures of your favourite celebrity closets for inspiration.


If you’ve ever worked in at a clothing store, chances are there is one skill you learned that you’ll never be able to forget – precision folding techniques. You’ll be surprised to know how much folding things properly helps with space.

So how do retail workers learn this magical skill? It’s all thanks to the magic of the folding board. They’re normally a hard plastic board about 10 by 12 inches, with lines on them. You can purchase them online or even make your own using cardboard. Once you have the board you can find videos online that teach you different techniques to fold. You can even ask any friends who’ve worked in retail in the past, or your friendliest retail worker at your favourite store, to teach you.

Learning how to fold properly may not seem like a big deal – but it goes a long way in making your closet more neat and organized.


Believe or not, retail stores have a separate cleaning schedule to ensure the store remains spic and span. If you want to keep your closet looking clean, you should consider doing the same.

Be realistic with the schedule – for example if you have weekends off, take some time every Sunday to vacuum, dust, and put away freshly washed clothes. If you want to avoid a mass of clutter, it’s useful to get into the habit of tidying up every night before bed. Don’t just throw things on the floor, put them back in their proper place.

A few extra tips you can use for your closet that aren’t retail related:

  • If you want to keep clothes in storage smelling fresh, throw a few scented dryer sheets in the bag or box. When you take them out, they’ll smell crisp and clean.
  • Get into the habit of hanging your clothes backwards. Then, once you wear an item, hang it in the right direction. Once it’s time to reorganize your closet for the next season, take a look at your closet and see which clothes are still hanging backwards. That’ll help you determine which clothes you never wear and need to give away.
  • Reward yourself after every closet overhaul by eating your favourite dessert, getting a massage, or indulging in whatever floats your boat. Cleaning burns a lot of calories, so you’ve officially earned it. Knowing you’ll get a reward after all that boring work will motivate you to get to it!